Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DEP clocks

Durée, Elégance, Précision - durability, elegance, precision - the marketing words used in DEP clocks advertisements in the 1920's and 30's.

For me, DEP clocks personify Art Deco Period clocks with their elegant and often unusual dials, shapes, and the use of elegant materials in the clock casings.

The brand DEP came from the family name Dépéry who were well-established clockmakers as well as clock parts manufacturers and flourished between 1826 and 1954. The clock mechanisms were produced in their establishments and then sent to "clock dressers" or even to other manufacturers who placed them in casings, polished them and readied them for shipping.

Like many manufacturers, DEP provided clocks for other brand names such as the Tribaudeau catalogue or "Trib" brand and even produced some under the name of specific jewelers/clockmakers.


  1. i have a similar DEP clock with different color marble , any idea whats it worth ?

  2. Depends where you are and the condition of the clock